Finally, A GIS Post!

Ok, so there hasn’t been a whole lot new at work. Nothing worth blogging about at any rate. Just ticking a lot of more minor and mundane projects off of my massive to-do list.

I have been writing a lot on my dissertation, though, and and have completed the first draft of my Computers in Archaeology section of my Methods chapter. Yippee! I’ve also made a few related changes to my project website:

  1. I’ve licensed the site (code and content) under a Creative Commons license.
  2. I’ve posted an awk script for importing Magellan GPS datafiles into GRASS.
  3. I’ve posted two new maps of the Wadi Hadramawt, derived from my project GIS.

The maps are under a CC license, so any interested party can use them in their own work. (Open-sourcing some of my computer work—as well as my project data—has been a goal of my dissertation research.)

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