More Virtualization

One of the bigger of the smaller, more mundane, projects has been the migration of one of our web apps. This one, in particular, has been a real pain. The front-end ties up our main web server, and the back-end ties up our main database server. So every time we need to work on either of these servers, we have to clear it with the ONE (!) user who’s dependent on this web app. To add insult to injury, this web app was the vector by which we were hacked two years ago, forcing us to rebuild our compromised web server. Needless to say, I have not been happy with our dependence on this particular app.

Last summer, we migrated all of our web apps—front-ends and back-ends—to new hardware. But because of this one stinkin’ program, we hadn’t been able to retire our old web box or our old database box. Two whole servers sucking juice to keep a single dinky web app alive! Then, a couple weeks ago, the answer hit me: move all of this app onto its own virtual server. That way, we don’t pollute our main servers with this particular app, and we can maintain our other servers without screwing up the user’s work. Brilliant!

Anyhow, today the server is up and running on its new virtual hardware. The user and the vendor think that they have a dedicated box for this one app, and we’re just that much closer to pretending that the web app doesn’t even exist. So everyone is happy.

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