Today I decided to let my ASOR membership lapse. It was a painful decision, but seeing how little I’m actually doing in the field, I just could’t bring myself to pony up the $110 for another year’s membership. I sincerely hope that this is just a temporary thing, and that I re-up sometime in the near future. But for now, it just wasn’t realistic.

Truth be told, there’s really no reason for me to post this here, except that I wonder how many of my colleagues, in this day when e-publications are so readily available, have made similar decisions. Since I have access to the ASOR publications through my wife, the only tangible benefits of maintaining my membership were the line on my CV and my own personal pride. But since I’m not actively looking for a job (and, therefore, my CV isn’t especially important), I guess it means that I’d sell my pride out for a mere $110. Should I feel proud of myself for my honesty, or should I just feel dirty for selling out my pride for so cheap?

Maybe I’ll just drown it all in a couple cases of good beer bought with the money I saved.

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