A Solution for Our Wireless Woes?

The problems that we were having with our wireless still haven’t gone away. Running a continuous ping (for which I wrote a simple launchd daemon) helped to a certain extent, but the underlying problem—sleepy Atheros cards under 10.4.10—only got worse with 10.4.11. Yesterday I found some free time from other projects, and decided to re-visit this one. What I found on one of Apple’s boards was the suggestion from some posters that re-installing the Airport Extreme Update 2007-004 helped them. I was skeptical, but desperate, so we installed it on some of our machines. So far, so good! It won’t install on all of them, and I don’t know why—but those that (re)took the update stopped dropping off network. Now I need to test this more rigorously and tell it to our Apple Engineer if it pans out.

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  1. Tom McNicholas #

    Perhaps see what files are replaced in that update, and what the difference is? Clearly something is being replaced, but is it a configuration or a driver?

    Good luck.

  2. Aaron #

    Found your blog in a google search for Aruba Macinshtosh and Schools. I work at The Pike School in Andover, MA. We’re looking at purchasing an Aruba wireless network. We have about 180 wireless Macintosh laptops and about 10 wireless Maintosh desktops. it is a mix of PPCs and Intels. Currently the PPCs are running 10.4.6 and the intels are running 10.4.8 Once we have purchased and installed the wireless system both the PPCs and the Intels will be running 10.4.11. I’m wondering what developments you’ve had on your wireless system since your last post on Dec. 20th. Also, I’m curious about the process you used to choose your wireless system since that is the stage we are in. Any advice would be extremely helpful.

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