More Leopard Silliness

Adobe CS3 is almost totally unusable by me since I updated to Leopard. The apps all use way too much RAM, bogging everything down, and if they launch the Adobe Updater, then it takes up all my available memory until it crashes a few minutes later.

So I’ve been using a lot more than I used to for editing the images in my dissertation. Or I would be, if Preview weren’t also buggy. On my machine (a first gen MacBook), it crashes whenever I try to save an image after making color corrections. Other people are having this same problem, too, and it seems to be a video driver issue (see, so hopefully there’ll be a fix in 10.5.2. Again, we’ll see.

Update 1/10/08

So it turns out that the problem with the Adobe Updater is in its handling of the OS’s proxy settings. If I create a new network location with no proxy settings at all, the Updater runs fine and does its job like before. This newfound inability to deal with the proxy settings, however, was introduced to Updater by the upgrade to Leopard.

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