Virtualizing an AD Server

First post. Thrilling, eh?

After a pretty brutal week, I decided to mostly take the day off today. Under the school’s summer employment policy I actually worked enough this week to take the day off (Wednesday’s storm-induced four hour commute to work notwithstanding), so even with the backlog in the office I have no sense of guilt. But despite my best intentions to stay away from the office, I did remote in this evening and virtualized one of our AD servers.

The virtual server had been ready for weeks, so the process was pretty painless. But since the server in question is a Domain Controller and DNS server, I had to wait until everyone was out before I messed with it. Just in case something blew up. I’ve been playing with VMWare for months, so I’m pretty confident in the technology. But since this is our first production server to be virtualized, I am a bit nervous. We’ll see how things go Monday morning.

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