Unfortunately, though, this one wasn’t really such an enjoyable brew.

I’ve been holding onto a bottle of Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA since December or January, to be opened when I finally sent of my dissertation to my committee. So Thursday was the big day; three copies were mailed to my readers, and I finally cracked open the vaunted brew. People that know me know that I like beer. A lot. And people that know the beers that I like know that I like heavy, hoppy IPAs. And people that know the breweries that I like know that I like Dogfish Head. Not always my favorites, but ones that I respect for their craftsmanship. I’d held onto this bottle, waiting for the occasion to drink it, on a friend’s recommendation. This beer, though, just sat wrong. Too sweet; too thick; and it smelled on alcohol. (Which, I suppose, I should have expected since 20% of it is.) Gave me a hangover, too.

Oh well, at least the dissertation is off.

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  1. Tom McNicholas #

    Odd… a friend of mine loves that stuff. Glad to hear you’re doing well.

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