Really. It says so right on my “About” page. I know that I’ve been blogging pretty much exclusively about my tech hassles at work, but I also do other things too. Not much, to be sure, but still…

Anyhow, last summer I built a bedroom in our basement for my father-in-law. (It’s actually his house, so it’s only fair.) I got the whole thing done except for the trim by early Fall. Probably would have finished the whole job, but my brother-in-law, who lent me his chop saw for the job, needed it back. Without that, I only had a cheap plastic mitre box, and that made awful corners. So after trimming out the bedroom door with hand tools, I gave up. But a couple weeks ago, I went to the Sears and bought a new chop saw and an electric brad gun. What a difference the right tools make! In about 10 hours total (spread out over two weeks), I’ve installed all the baseboards, trimmed the windows, and put a shelf in the closet. It’s not great work, but it ain’t half bad. Now I just need to paint it, install the closet doors, and move the furniture back in. I’ll post some pictures when it’s all done, and it’ll feel great to check another big project off of the to-do list.

One other little tidbit (aside from the value of using the right tools for the job): I’ve been using MDF trim, as well as planks for the shelving and boxing out the windows. I’d never used the stuff before, but had heard all sorts of good things about it. That and the fact that it was way cheaper than even the crappy quality, full of knots made me give it a go. Now I’ll never go back. Fast to cut, smooth, easy to handle, lighter than particle board, more substantial feeling than cheap softwood, and relatively inexpensive. So if you’ve got a carpentry project in the works, definitely consider MDF instead of wood. I know I will on my next project.

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  1. Tom McNicholas #

    Nice… I find its great to get away from tech stuffs and work on something else. For me its wrenching on motorcycles and most recently fixing the interior of my car. Fun stuff, and a great change of pace to get away from the glow of a monitor.

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