Virtualization Update

Well, Friday’s job seems to have gone well. No hiccups today that had anything to do with the newly virtualized server.

In case you care, the process itself wasn’t particularly tricky. I started with a generic W2K virtual machine that I built out in May or June. Installed it on the host machine, ran the updates and made some tweaks to make it less generic. The tricky bit (if you can call it that) was getting the old machine out of our Active Directory. It was a Domain Controller, Global Catalog, and the primary DNS server for devices in that location. So I had to dcpromo it back to a regular server, rename it, reassign its IP address, and then shut it down before bringing the new (virtual) server online with all of the old machine’s names, numbers, and services. Basically, the process was just like replacing an old server with a new one—but this time the new one was a virtual server, not a dedicated box. An easy enough process once you’ve done it once or twice, but always a bit nerve-wracking.

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