So Maybe It’s a Bantha

Last weekend, my Star Wars obsessed four-year-old son suggested a name for the truck. It’s a pretty good one, and may actually stick, but first I need to decide the following:

Let’s look at the finer points:

  • Big? Check.
  • Beast of Burden? Check.
  • Slow? Check.
  • Smelly? Check. (The Cruiser’s got a minor oil leak onto the exhaust manifold. Peee-Yoo.)
  • Color? Close enough. (The Cruiser is tan; banthas are brown.)
  • Loyal? Probably. (Cruisers have that reputation.)
  • Desert-dwelling? Sort of. (Brewster’s not near any deserts, but I first fell in love with Cruisers in Yemen.)
  • Shaggy? Nope, but this Cruiser does have the worst paint job in automotive history—I think it was done with roll-on latex house paint—so the texture is about right.
  • Favored mount of Tusken Raiders? Hmm…


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