Everything is Kicking My Ass

So, now that the second week of school has come to a close, we have some issues cropping up. I have lots of trouble-shooting to do:

– Our wireless network and our FirstClass server don’t much like each other.
– Many or most of our 72 new iMacs’ screens freak out when they sleep.
– Printing is on the fritz everywhere. Don’t know if the problems are related or not.
– Keyed MS Office apps, when their keys are checked out, throw up zillions of incorrect error messages.
– Everyone thinks that their pet little irritation is The.Most.Important.Thing.Ever.


I’m so glad that it’s Friday. Friday means that I can drink. So I’m drinking. Two Smuttynose IPAs down, and a Brooklyn Local 1 waiting on deck.

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  1. Brian #

    What – no ARAQ?

    I’m disappointed.

  2. 2

    Don’t be disappointed. Araq is generally for when I’m in a good mood and want to wind down. When I wrote the post, I was NOT in a good mood.

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