We had some friends over today, so we cleaned up a bit before they arrived. My job was cleaning the toilets. (I guess it’s my archaeological training, but being elbow deep in piss and shit doesn’t particularly bother me.) Anyhow, one of our toilets has a really disgusting looking calcium deposit at the water line in the bowl. I’ve tried for years to remove it with all sorts of chemicals, with very little success. But today I had an epiphany: wet or dry sandpaper. 600 grit, a little elbow grease, and about two minutes. Now the toilet bowl is clean enough to eat off of. Well, not really, but at least that awful calcium deposit is gone.

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  1. Amanda #

    And we really appreciated those sparkling toilets! Just wondering, though, did you ever try straight vinegar? My teakettle in Paris had a thick mineral deposit. I did a little research and boiled vinegar in the pot. Came right off! No sandpaper required.

  2. 2

    Well, I did try vinegar early on, but it didn’t do much good; the scale was really scaly. And I didn’t have much luck boiling the toilet either.

  3. 3

    I could imagine how that calcium looks like. hehe.. There are also acids that could take those away. Strong acids though. I just forgot the name of that. Also, I have heard that vinegar is a great solution for that. Vinegars and lemons could help take away the stains.

  4. 4

    Well, a little muriatic acid would probably have taken care of it, but it may well have taken care of our over-designed septic system, too. But the point is that if you’re not too grossed out by putting your hand into the toilet bowl, sandpaper was cheap, fast, easy, did a thorough job, and didn’t involve any nasty chemicals.

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