An Update on the MASCA Affair

From a friend “on the inside” (as it were), I have some good news: supposedly, at least a dozen of the axed researchers have been given new positions within the museum. MASCA’s still done for, but their continued employment has been provided for by curatorial departments and donors. So if any of those donors happen to come across this blog, let me thank you heartily for your generosity.

It’s a shame to lose MASCA, and I hope it doesn’t adversely affect Penn’s ability to recruit top-notch graduate students or diminish the quality of the Museum’s curatorial and educational missions, but I’m pleased that many of the researchers, in the end, were spared their jobs. In particular—and I have heard this from two separate sources—Pat McGovern and Naomi Miller have been retained at the Museum. This is great news, and bodes well for the Museum’s future. It also makes me feel that the pressure that we put on the administration was effective. I wish them, and all the Museum’s researchers, a bright future in their new departments.

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