This is the personal blog of Paul C. Zimmerman.

I am an archaeologist, computer geek, do-it-yourselfer, and father. I make a living as the technical lead in the New Lab for Teaching and Learning at The Dalton School, and hold a PhD in Arabian archaeology from the University of Pennsylvania. The intersection between archaeology and computing is fruitful, and occupies much of my time, but I’m also knee deep in roughly one million other projects of various types. Though I have some very strong political opinions, this isn’t really the place for them. Instead, this is the place for me to muse on problems, observations, issues, and random trivia stemming from and swirling about my projects.

I hope that you find some of what I have to say useful or interesting. Please feel free to leave comments; I’d love for this blog to become a forum for discussions with like minded persons—or at least somewhat useful to them.

(Needless to say, this blog is not an official part of my work at Dalton, and any comments that I make herein are not endorsed by or reflect the opinions of my employer. Even if they should be.)