خشامر-بئر علي ١ (Ḫašāmar/Biʾr ʿAlī 1)

Site Type:

  Possible  Probable  Certain 
Bronze Age: 

 Wadi Bed

Site Condition:

 1760147 N, 242404 E

 693 MSL

Long Axis:

 On ledge, and up scree on S side of Wadi Hadramawt between villages of Khamur and Khashamar, now mostly torn up by modern agricultural fields. ~200m E–W x 50m N-S. Stone foundations and some mud-brick superstructures visible. Much pottery, looking like Jujah level I. 1 large cave, which may have a stone dividing wall in it. Bones have supposedly been found in this cave. Inscribed ledge rims of 2 zirs found. Many grinding stones found in houses. Part of a stone incense burner found. Hill temple found at E end of site, identified by dressed limestone (some of which is inscribed).

(28 April, 2004) Site seems to be in worse condition than I remembered. (Need to compare against '97 photos.) Temple site seems more likely at the upper level spot on the slope, but no objects found there—they were found, instead, around the lower level spot. Didn't find anything concrete, though, and still can't say exactly where the temple was or what its plan was. Site badly torn up, and absolutely strewn with Pre-Islamic pottery. New GPS readings supersede old ones (which were done when SA was active).

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