MHAS Database

This is the online database of the Middle Hadramawt Archaeological Survey (MHAS). The primary purpose of this site is to provide easy access to the project data by scholars collaborating on different aspects of the survey. A secondary goal of this website is to showcase a database front end that can be easily adapted to other archaeological work.

The Middle Hadramawt Archaeological Survey is the fieldwork component of Paul Zimmerman’s doctoral dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania. It is a catalog of archaeological sites in the Wadi Hadramawt, Yemen, between the cities of Qatn and Tarim, including tributary wadis. It is hoped that this documentation will benefit the Yemeni archaeological authorities in protecting their cultural heritage, and will improve our understanding of how and why settlement of the wadi changed through time.

Map of Yemen, Showing the MHAS Study Area:
Map of the MHAS study area
Zimmerman Dissertation (2008)

MHAS Field Reports:
1997 GOAMM Report
1999 GOAMM Report
2001 GOAMM Report
2004 GOAM Report

MHAS Project Data:
MHAS Database SQL Dump (MySQL)

Maps and GIS Resources:
magellan2grass.awk Data Parser
Single-page Map of the Wadi Hadramawt
50m Contour Map of the Wadi Hadramawt (1:100,000 scale)
Google Earth KMZ file of MHAS sites and coverage

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