Site Type:

  Possible  Probable  Certain 
Bronze Age:  

 Wadi Bed

Site Condition:

 1769605 N, 250378 E

 659 MSL

 This site is not easy to classify. At least 5 mounds, in straight line toward larger of 2 stone-built structures to the west. No mud brick evident (long since washed away?). Smaller structure below large rock with red painted figures (people on horseback?). W walls of the structures line up. Smaller structure 7.2m N–S x 3.8m E–W, with 0.8m wide doorway in W wall. Larger structure ~8m N–S x ~7m E–W; 2 rooms of equal width; 0.8m wide doorway in S end of W into S room; 0.8m wide doorway in W end of dividing wall into N room; N wall preserved to ~1.5m. Much debitage immediately S (downhill) of larger structure, with most pottery to its immed. N. GPS readings taken in larger structure. The mounds seemed very similar to that of S-9.

(17 Oct 1999) Revisited the site. Demoted the site condition to “good” from “excellent” because of encroachment by local residents. Also noted a previously unnoticed stone circle and additional cairns at the eastern end of the 5 previously noted cairns. Also, a previously unmentioned (though noticed) stone-built shelter is underneath the southeast edge of the large stone. New photos taken. Larger structure assigned the MHAS ID A-23.

Paul C. Zimmerman, 2004–2021. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License